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Gaming is everywhere as people should try to gamble while billionaires quarry their pouches for cash. To be caught in an addiction is to become food to those who will rob, spoil, even hard to slotxomini get what they want. Drugs, casino and lower income go hand in hand and yet those who are targeted are least able to escape the perilous onslaught. In recent days a report states that a judge is taking a Casino to court and suing the owners because he was made so consumed that she lost over $50, 000 in a single night. The question is why was he there in the first place?

Alcohol is another painful being addicted the world of darkness in which such people find themselves. It is something that governments fail to address as alcohol and casino pay a lot of taxes but that money comes from those who then appeal to the political figures for help.

Homelessness, divorce, loss of assets, suicide, depression and so on are all related to the path that many slide down in an effort to become rich. That is the bottom line. If people are provides time to win an income they grab at it. Those who are more cautious stand back and observe as the addicted ruin their lives and just about that of everyone around them.

Loved ones who can’t or won’t be helped are a string around the necks of many family members who grab themselves apart in the search for answers. The owners of casinos and the producers of drugs and alcohol are laughing right to the bank.

It is one of the dark corners of society that many are trapped within. Until either they release themselves from the grip of lose faith or the powers that be clamp down on the things that are destroying them there is little hope for change.